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Cost and Reliability Favors Local Manufacturers!

Local Manufacturers

Cost and Reliability Favors Local Manufacturers!


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Cost and Reliability Favors Local Manufacturing

Michael Silva President Metalworks Engineering Corp. Miami Florida.

In recent years, there has been significantly more talk about local manufacturing and buying locally.  These practices benefit our economy in numerous ways, especially for the obvious reason that we are keeping our profits in our country, and in our local communities.

This directly contributes to our economic growth. In addition to keeping our profits circulating in our city and state, shipping costs and times are lowered and it is possible for a much quicker manufacturing-to-shelving process. Local manufacturing makes it possible to be close to the customer and to more efficiently address customer needs. Here in Miami with our current constant construction and continual infrastructure improvements ongoing it certainly makes sense in shortening the length of the process. 

Reduced Shipping and Manufacturing Time – Grow Your Profits Sooner

If your business needs an item manufactured and shipped by a strict deadline, the best option is to work with a local manufacturer like Metalworks Engineering Corp. For example, if a lamp or electronics company needs to send out a large product shipment quickly to fill store shelves, a local company can get the manufactured parts produced fast, locally filled, packaged and ready to go in even just hours. Find out how you can get your products on shelves quicker here.

Reduce Shipping Costs — Save More Money

Shipping costs are reduced with a domestic shipment because the cost of fuel is significantly reduced. Instead of dealing with international air freight shipments that require high costs of shipping based on product weight and fuel consumption, the preferred options of rail and ground shipping are available and should be utilized whenever possible.

Having your product manufactured internationally also requires international shipment costs. When choosing to manufacture your product locally, there are no fees associated with transferring products through customs. There are also no international taxes or clearance fees applied to the shipment when manufacturing your product in the USA.

Encourage Local Prosperity — Manufacture Locally!

A sense of patriotism comes over us when we buy a product that says, “Made in the USA”… especially if it comes from our are South Florida or even as close as your state. The positive feeling associated with directly supporting the local economy is a large deciding factor in manufacturing and buying locally. The more business a local manufacturer has, the more frequently local jobs are created, which in turn allows for more local spending and profit. Keeping currency circulation in the US is important to be able to boost the economy. Create more jobs by manufacturing your metal products and components with Metalworks Engineering Corp. Miami U.S.A.