Haas VF-6 Vertical Machining Center

Haas, American made Vertical Machining Center; 64″ x 32″ x 30″ (1626 x 813 x 762 mm), 40 taper, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, 8100 rpm, inline direct-drive, 24+1 side-mount tool changer, 600 ipm (15.2 m/min) rapids, automatic chip auger, programmable coolant nozzle, color remote jog handle, power-failure detection module, Rigid Cast steel frame

Amada RG 100 Press Brake

Tonnage :110 Ton

Overall Length Of Bed And Ram :118.2″
Distance Between Housings :100.5″
Stroke Of Ram : 3.94″
Open Height : 14.58″
Throat Depth :15.76″

NC9EX-II 3-Axis CNC Controller
Two Speed Hydraulic Power Unit
Adjustable Stroke

Sciaky 200 KVA Spot Welder

Our Sciaky Spot Welder has been retrofitted with the Alphatron NC control allowing for quick and efficient set ups. Machine rigidity provides for consistent accuracy and consistency. The Sciaky spot welder is rated to spotweld 1/8 to 1/8 aluminum. The Sciaky machine combined with the Alphatron control results in an excellent piece of equipment.

Haas ST-10 CNC lathe

Haas ST-10 CNC lathe with all live tooling stations has through spindle bar feeding and chip conveyor. The ST-10 is ideal for unattended part processing of shafts, pins, collars, bushings, etc…

Haeger 824 Pem Insertion Machine

The Haeger 824 Pem insertion machine with CNC Control is designed for installing Pem clinching nuts or studs. It can also install rivets and other types of fastening hardware. The advantage of having a CNC control vs the conventional knob pressure adjustment machines is that we can input directly into the control the exact fasteners installation specifications for a force which results in hardware being properly installed.

Knuth KRM 20/4.0 3 Roll Bending Machine

Our Knuth Roller with a capacity of 81Ý can be used to form cylindrical shapes.

Amada Pega 357 with Auto index

Our Amada Pega 357 turret CNC punch press has 2 auto index stations. The Pega is normally used to run high volume parts at an economical piece price. The machine uses thick style Amada tooling also has two 1.250 auto index stations that allow for angled contouring.

Amada Pulsar 4000 Watt Laser Cutting System

Our Amada laser system has 4000 watt capability with the latest in Amada’s technology and systems. Driven by AC servos and the capability of holding +- .002 this machine can process flat sheets at great efficiency, speed and accuracy. Table size is 61 x 98″ plus repositioning. Can cut up to .625 steel plates. Our laser system also has the capability of processing formed or 3 dimensional parts by simply creating a holding fixture. The laser is also complimented by a high capacity dust collection system and an EZ-Cut system. The EZ-cut system is a combination of a 40 hp Kaiser Compressor with a nitrogen separator and holding system. By having the EZ Cut on our system we do not have to purchase nitrogen which is a savings that we pass on to our customers. The EZ Cut system eliminates the need to swap an empty tank with a full nitrogen tank which results to downtime and lower production efficiency.