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Custom Metal Fabrication, Design and Engineering

Custom Metal Fabrication and Design and Engineering

MetalWorks Engineering Corp. is more than just a custom Metal Fabricator. Our advanced Engineering Design Department using SolidWorks software is a vital asset when it comes to lowering production cost, material selection, production scheduling, and final product performance. The engineering design team at MetalWorks can expedite any project from R&D to fast prototyping in a reliable and cost-efficient manner. Aside from our state-of-the-art fully equipped ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility, our teams’ extensive manufacturing knowledge is the best benefit we can offer you.

Customers who manufacture with us can count on our full-time design professionals with computer-assisted design software using four seats of SolidWorks in our engineering department to deliver production-ready mechanical drawings, designs, CNC files, and a viable engineering solution. Vertically integrating this department does away with any unfamiliarity issues that often occur when the CAD person is not familiar with the given capabilities of a specific machine or material. The ability of our Engineering Design department personnel of being able to walk into the production floor to see their design in production or a Production Manager to come to our Engineering Design department to fine tune a manufacturing process is a time saving and cost saving step many other Metal Fabrication shops are unable to offer.

From a concept idea and then taken to a CAD mechanical drawing, our fast prototype production processes provide you with certainty that you can count on. MetalWorks Engineering’s 120 years of combined experience to deliver you a high precision, mechanically sound and cost-effective Metal Fabrication solution for any size project you may have. Call us today to schedule a meeting or telephone conference with MetalWorks Custom Metal Fabrication Engineering Design Department.