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MetalWorks Engineering Corp. is more than just a custom Metal Fabricator. Our advanced Engineering Design Department using SolidWorks software is a vital asset when it comes to lowering production cost, material selection, production scheduling, and final product performance. The engineering design team at MetalWorks can expedite any project from R&D to fast prototyping in a reliable and cost-efficient manner. Aside from our state-of-the-art fully equipped ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility, our teams’ extensive manufacturing knowledge is the best benefit we can offer you.

Customers who manufacture with us can count on our full-time design professionals with computer-assisted design software using four seats of SolidWorks in our engineering department to deliver production-ready mechanical drawings, designs, CNC files, and a viable engineering solution. Vertically integrating this department does away with any familiarity issues that often occur when the CAD person is not familiar with the given capabilities of a specific machine or material. The ability of our Engineering Design department personnel of being able to walk onto the production floor to see their design in production or a Production Manager to come to our Engineering Design department to fine tune a manufacturing process is a time saving and cost saving step many other Metal Fabrication shops are unable to offer.

From a concept and then CAD mechanical drawing, our fast prototype production processes provides you with certainty that you can count on. MetalWorks Engineering’s 120 years of combined experience can deliver a high precision, mechanically sound and cost-effective Metal Fabrication solution for any size project you may have. Call us today to schedule a meeting or telephone conference with MetalWorks Custom Metal Fabrication Engineering Design Department.


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Metalworks Engineering Corp. offers comprehensive industrial design services such as conceptual development, styling, ergonomics, and graphics. 3D surface models are incorporated early in the conceptual phase of development to eliminate 2D ambiguities.

Photo-realistic renders and appearance models also help us transition into the product-engineering phase providing early market confirmation, product integrity, and direct links to engineering and manufacturing.


Metalworks Engineering Corp. has been delivering professional product design and development including creative Industrial Design,  Product EngineeringDesign for Manufacturing3D CAD Drawings, and Rapid Prototypeservices in the Miami and surrounding South Florida area since 2011.

We work with Inventors, Entrepreneurs, start-up to large corporations to bring Dreams to Reality. You now have access to a manufacturing network and the Metalworks Engineering design team, with 3-Axis CNC mills and tools for metals, plastic or composites to make 1 to 20 prototypes.


Metalworks Engineering Corp will work with you throughout the manufacturing process to ensure your products fit the below criteria:

  • It works: We prioritize function, seeking simple & elegant solutions.
  • It looks good: Visually appealing & ergonomic designs
  • It’s ready for production: Manufacturable, reliable, & cost effective production designs

Metalworks Engineering strives to be your metal manufacturing company.