Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

MetalWorks Engineering Corp. is a custom Metal Fabricator which you can count on for competitive prices, reliable quality, timely production of short run prototypes as well as large production orders. As an ISO Certified fabrication shop, MetalWorks has not only the tooling and the dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen but also the dedication to timely deliver any job regardless of the complexity or tolerance to all of our list of Original Equipment Manufacturer. From simple brackets to a complex chassis, custom race car parts, boat parts, aircraft parts and to a finished boxed product MetalWorks will not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

The Metal Fabrication process

At MetalWorks we can bend sheet metal as well as roll form numerous profiles into just about any shape. Our tooling also allows us to perform many subsequent processes that can create holes or cutouts in any 2D geometric shape, multi angle bends and roll form into complex contours.

Overall, our Metal Fabrication service is categorized into two very distinctive disciplines, forming and cutting. The forming processes are those in which force is applied to shape and form the material. Forming is a process that bends or roll forms the sheet into the desired shape. Cutting is a processes that applies force and causes the material to fail or separate. The most common forms of cutting are shearing and die cutting. Other cutting processes remove material by the use of Laser, Plasma or abrasion in the case of waterjet cutting instead of shearing force.

Rapid Response Prototype Service

As a Metal Fabricator for OEMs, we love big orders, at the same time we understand that before a product can be mass-produced it needs to be prototyped and tested. In other scenarios, you may need a custom part for a race car, race boat, custom sign bracket etc. MetalWorks Engineering Corp values every customer order with the same degree of dedication. Our "RAPID RESPONSE CELL" prototyping team is a small group of highly skilled craftsmen committed to processing every short run or any custom fabricated part in as little as 48 hours. For specific about your particular requirement, contact us today on our "RAPID RESPONSE CELL".